At Elevated Farms, we strictly grow our products using a style of cultivation similar to TLO (True Living Organics) we like to call Living Organic Systems.  With this method we provide all micro\macro nutrients and minerals through our biodynamic custom blended soil mix. 

We supplement our soil of any depleted nutrients and boost microbial life using our onsite aquaculture system as well as compost teas derived from our livestock and vermicomposting (Worm Farm) stations.  We water our plants with amixture of rain water from our rain catchment systems and our artisan well and aquaponics wastewater.  Farming in this manner the soil remains alive, teeming with microbes, bacterium and fungi that breakdown raw nutrients and feed the cannabis at a rate and balance that it chooses throughout its growth cycle. 

Most other styles of cannabis cultivation utilize force feeding the plants with lower molecular weighted fertilizers that kill virtually all of the established microbes, leaving the soil tasteless and barren of life until recolonization occurs.  While those styles of cultivation can produce some fine quality cannabis with a great aesthetic appeal, we believe that a healthier, more complex, better tasting product with a higher terpene content and more essential oils come from the Living Organic Systems style of cultivation.